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Learn from the Masters - Think, Act and Track
Your Way to the Practice You Really Want.

Announcing the Third Annual Practice Building Virtual Conference
September 19-30, 2011

PBC2011 Theme: Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Losing Time, Energy and Money.
Learn from the Masters How to Think, Act and Track Your Way To The Practice Your Really Want!

Dear Therapist Colleagues, 

If you are like most private practitioners these days, you can easily envision the practice you really want. This may be where you are now or where you'd like to be:.

You'd like a successful practice filled with the ideal clients that
energize you and make you happy to be called to this work.

You'd like to enjoy a workspace that is inviting and inspires you to be your best when you work with clients.
You'd like a successful practice with the ideal clients that energize you and make you happy to be called to this work.
Of course, you'd also like a clear, comfortable marketing process that keeps a steady stream of referrals coming in.
Somedays you may even entertain new possibilities of increasing your income and your reach - such as adding coaching to your mix - or maybe offering webinars.
You'd love to feel regularly inspired when you connect with positive colleagues who believe in you and your vision.
And, to put the icing on the cake, you want to have enough money in your bank account (month in and month out) so that you can enjoy your life, your interests, and your family.

Feels good, doesn't it? To savor the deliciousness of the vision?

Now, some coaching questions for you:

Take a moment and look at where you are with your practice now. How close are you to your vision?

If you are not living the vision now, what is missing?
How are you stopping yourself?

Sometimes it is as simple as you need to take action. Other times it is a missing skill-set and maybe you just don't know what to do.

Sometimes we are so tired because what we have tried isn't working and we need to find our motivation again.

That is why this year, I am bringing my mentors to you at the 2011 Practice Building Virtual Conference. These are the people I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to help me think, act and track my way to a full practice.

They will share specific strategies to get your phone ringing. But there is more - they will share what I think makes them successful - their thinking processes. They will discuss how they decide which marketing activities to do and how to manage their time.

In case, you don't know me, my name is Casey Truffo. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and also the founder of the International Therapist Leadership Institute and Be A Wealthy Therapist.

And I am betting we are a lot alike.

We are called to this work and we want to make a decent living doing this work we love. But how do we get those clients in? How do we find the right mentors to show us the way?

I remember when I was building my private practice, I read lots of books, took dozens of classes and tried many marketing activities. Some worked. Some didn't. I had so many questions. Most days I woke up with an endless to-do list and a finite amount of time. There were so many marketing activity choices and it all seemed so confusing. I didn't know where to focus or how to best use my time.

I decided to seek out the masters - those who have reached at least six figures in either their therapy or coaching practices.

I, almost literally, sat at their feet and absorbed as much as I could. I took their advice, massaged it so that it would work with my personality and then went into action. I learned how to build my business in a way that wasn't shameless self-promotion, but loving and helpful to potential clients. And the phone started ringing. A lot. It led to a full practice. It led to a mission of helping other therapists (and coaches) learn how to make a great living helping people.

And now I am bringing them to you...

Well, I want you to meet my amazing mentors. For two weeks in September, I will be having conversations with 20 heart-centered and uber-successful business owners via Livestream video. I will be asking them what we can all do to attract more clients, increase our income, do more meaningful work, and move into action easier. These are the people who have taught me (and continue to teach me) how to sort out, focus on and do what matters so that I have the success I want. I cannot wait to share them with you!

Practice Building Virtual Conference (PBC2011) - 
September 19-30, 2011 

10 days - 20 mentor-coach experts teaching us how to
Think. Act and Track Your Way To A Full Practice.
Dozens of strategies you can implement immediately.

hosted by Casey Truffo and the International Therapist Leadership Institute and co-sponsored by
Commonwealth Educational Seminars


Before I introduce you to our faculty, let me share who will benefit from
this conference: 

(1) If you are new to private practice marketing: Cut the learning curve and get started on the right foot.

We have mentor-speakers teaching practical and specific marketing activities such as:

websites and website traffic.
building your practice with speaking.
in-person networking to get referrals,
resolving old money issues.
digital ethics with social media.
and how to book yourself solid.

(2) If you've had some success but are hungry for more: This conference is going be a huge "sweet-spot" for you.

You can get updates and refreshers on the marketing tools and techniques you may already be using. But you will get a glimpse (and some practical advice) about your possible next steps to success: everything from:

doing webinars.
mobile marketing.
adding coaching to your menu of services.
rmastering pay-per-click advertising.
learn more ways to spread your message for greater impact.
Plus, my mentors will show you how they make the tough choices everyday - how they find the time to both build the business with love and service the clients they adore.

(3) For the Seasoned and Successful Private Practitioner: If you have been marketing for a while with great success, you know there comes a point when you have more opportunities than time.

Topics and questions such as these will be answered:

How do you know which activities will be the best for your future?
When is it time to hire an assistant?
More than ever, you need to have a decision-making process for choosing what you do. You want to be successful in a way that is sustainable - that doesn't burn you out.
Hear from several mentor-speakers who will share with us how to stop the busy-ness and focus on what matters so we can do what we need to do to have the business we love.

I have specifically chosen these mentors because their way of thinking has led them to success. This "up-level" way of thinking is what really gets me excited about my business, the future and my place in it. I think you are going to love the motivation these speakers provide!



Practice Building Virtual Conference (PBC2011) - 
September 19-30, 2011 

10 days - 20 mentor-coach experts teaching us how to
Think, Act and Track Your Way To A Full Practice.
Dozens of strategies you can implement immediately.

The 2011 Practice Building Virtual Conference is held over the internet. All you need to attend is an internet connection. Over the course of two weeks you will have the opportunity to listen to practice-building presentations from over 20 business building experts sharing with you their client attraction methods, strategies, and business building decision-making processes. You will leave this conference feeling extraordinarily motivated.


"How Wonderful That I Can Get CEUs!"

Hi Casey,

I love this Conference! Thank you for hosting this very convenient, educational, inspiring, and really diverse Conference.

I've been waking up, listening to a talk, taking lunch with another talk, my break in the afternoon gives me another opportunity to listen, and during the evenings I catch up. How wonderful that I can receive CEU's. This is so important.

The Presenters are incredible. I'm learning a ton! 

Sara Bunce, MFT


Introducing you to PBC2011 Faculty.



Click here to learn more about the 2011 Faculty

Yes! This conference is approved for up to 20 hours of continuing education credit for California MFTs and
LCSWs, ASWB, NAADAC, and NBCC. Continuing Education credit is provided and co-sponsored by
Commonwealth Educational Seminars (CES), 1020 West Barnstable Rd, Marstons Mills, MA 02648

In 2009, I, Casey Truffo, founded the International Therapist Leadership Institute. The words Therapist Leadership are lofty ones when you pause to think about it and I don't use them lightly. When we host a conference, such as this Practice Building Conference, we expect it to be about leadership. The practice building expert presenters on our faculty are leaders in practice and business building.

This is not an overstatement. You can save yourself plenty of trial and error and increase your confidence and skills if you listen and apply their ideas. They will cause you to think - they will challenge you, tickle you, and encourage you.


Here are a few of the best reasons to make sure you don't miss the Practice Building Virtual Conference: 

1. You will be in the presence of the most renowned practice building coaches and experts in the world.

Never before have all these practice-building experts been together for a conference focused solely on helping you build your therapy, coaching or healing practice. Your faculty for this event have been hand-selected based on their knowledge and areas of practice building expertise. They have spent years teaching their individual clients this information. Now you can watch and hear over 20 hours of practice building advice for less than it would cost to see most of these coaches for a single session.

2. You will gain practical information that you can implement immediately.

Each presentation will be so content-rich that you will have steps that you can get started with right away. While building a private practice doesn’t happen overnight, you can begin implementing your marketing strategies even while you are attending the conference!

3. You will have six months to a year’s worth of ideas.

There will be a lot of information delivered at the conference. The good news is that you can implement your marketing at your own pace. You can watch or listen at your leisure. You can listen to the video or audio recordings in our Online Conference Resource Center for up to one year. That way, you can implement one strategy at a time if you like.

4. You will get to see our presenters as they present - not just listen (although that is an option too if you like.)

This is the first Practice Building Conference where we will be presenting a video version of our conference. You can see the presenters and ask them questions. We did this earlier in the year for our Therapist Leadership Conference and people (in fact 4,205 people) loved having the option to watch the presenters at their computer via streaming video. We will also be offering the opportunity to watch the video replays of the presentations on mobile devices the day after each presentation via YouTube video - or to listen to the audio recordings via your computer or mp3 player.

5. You won't have to shut down your practice to attend and you don't even have to attend the entire conference live as replays will be available

Conferences can be expensive but they are even more expensive when you think about the time away from the office. Bottom line - no worries about finding someone to be on call for you or leaving sessions to check your phone messages. No worry about the loss of income from attending the conference. You can attend live when we broadcast the sessions or later whenever you like. We have two presentations each day so you can see clients in between live presentations if you like.

6. No chance of catching a cold!

(I always get a cold when I travel to conferences. Is that just me?)

7. No chance of spending too much at the bookstore. 

(Well, you may decide to buy some of the presenters' new books but at least you aren't in a bookstore with a zillion options and a warm credit card.)


In other words, there are a lot of great reasons to attend, with these being only a few. Especially when you consider that downloadable transcripts come with registration, you can begin to understand the long-term benefit of this opportunity.

Even if you only think a few of the 20 presentations are immediately useful, the cost of the registration is relatively low compared to the costs you might incur if you traveled to see these presenters. This is an amazing line-up and I am very excited about our presenters and that you will have the opportunity to hear all of them for such a low investment. Because if you were to hire any one of these presenters for a one-hour consultation, it could cost you more than the tuition for the whole conference.

But what about networking with colleagues?

I know many clinicians love to connect with new and old friends at in-person events. While we can't offer you the opportunity to hug your friends in-person, the "live chat" feature might be almost as good. In our previous conferences this year, many attendees have said that "live chat" is one of their favorite parts.

People from literally all over the globe are connecting, sharing and commenting about themselves, their practices and what they are learning. In our recent conferences, several masterminding and practice building support groups have developed just from meeting in our live chat.

Further, we will have social networking opportunities on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where you can share what you are learning with your colleagues.


To repeat, here are some of the highlights:

    * Strategies, tips and ideas from my hand-picked mentors designed to help you develop a plan to think, act and track your way to the business you really want.
  • * 20+ hours of practice building ideas, method and decision-making processes with these intriguing speakers.

  • * Flexible attendance options - watch now or watch and listen later.

  • * Access to the video and audio recordings for up to one year.
  • * Transcripts you can download to your computer (and print if desired.)

  • * Networking opportunities with our mentor-speakers and your peers via our "live chat" feature.
  • * No need to shut down your practice to attend an event.

  • * No travel or hotel costs.
  • * Up to 20 CE Hours for California MFTs and LCSWs, ASWB, NAADAC, and NBCC. Continuing Education credit is provided by Commonwealth Educational Seminars (CES), 1020 West Barnstable Rd, Marstons Mills, MA 02648.

  • So, the rest is up to you. Keep reading or click the register 
    button to cut to the chase and register now.

    Registration button



"I Loved the Flexibility! I Rode My Horse While I Attended!"

Unbelievably good! And, I was so energized after each presentation! Normally, in an 8-4 workshop I am COMPLETELY DRAINED!!! But, the opposite happened for me with your conference. I was able to walk around my home listening...which for me is invigorating, that I can "move" while learning. once I even rode my horse and listened and it was amazing. I knew I could go back to the audio if I needed to write something down. I will attend every year. I've told all of my colleagues about it too :)

Thank you so much for such a great event.

Lynn Hoyland, MA, LMFT




Your time and energy are precious so I have taken special care to make sure this is a Rich, Rewarding and Enjoyable Experience.

Lest, I forget, you'll be in good hands with me, Casey Truffo, as your host and moderator and co-sponsored by Commonwealth Educational Seminars.

In 2007, I wrote the book Be A Wealthy Therapist: Finally, You Can Make a Living While Making a Difference. My goal is to teach clinicians how to build their practices. 

We must take care of ourselves financially and believe we are worthy of making a good living. We must become visible so our worldwide culture will see that there is qualified, ethical help for people who have life and relationship concerns. It is time for our profession to flourish.

It is time for therapists as business owners to flourish.

So, what do you think? Are you in?

I bet you are wondering about the tuition for the conference ....

How to Register: Choose your level of access...

Practice Building Virtual Conference
September 19-31, 2011 (Monday through Friday)

This event will have over 20 hours of content over the course of two weeks.
It brings together 20 practice building mentors to share their ideas and bring you up to date on leading edge issues.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting event. We have three registration options to suit any budget.
Pick one of the registration options in the chart below, and then click the appropriate button.

What you get with your registration

Presentations From our Favorite Speakers! Your Pass Includes:

- Access to the live presentations,
- video and audio replays,
- downloadable transcripts.

Value Pass

Day 1 and Day 2
of the Event

Premium Pass $247

Week 1
of the Event

VIP All-Access Pass $297

Week 1 & 2 of the Entire Event

Presentations from our practice building faculty filled with tips and strategies: 4 speakers
Click here for more info
10 speakers
Click here for more info
20 speakers
Click here for more info

a) Watch live or via video replay

b) Listen at your leisure via mp3 audio replay
c) More visual? We have downloadable transcripts too!
CE credits
up to 4 up to 10 up to 20
Step-by-Step Workbook: How to Build a Full and Rewarding Private Practice
Exact steps to create your marketing plan - (digital download).
Follow through on what you learn at PBC2011
Need help staying focused on your marketing? Get 4 weeks in our online accountability system.
Move your practice to the next level.
A no-charge admission ticket to watch from your home via video for the More Clients for Me: The Pro Version - Your Therapy Business Makeover - Nov 2-4, 2011.

First 30 registrants get an in-person ticket

Payment Plan Available at Checkout
Choose Your Option and click the button on the right:

Value Pass
$157 USD

Day 1 and Day 2
of the Event

Premium Pass $247 USD

Week 1
of the Event

VIP All-Access Pass $297 USD

Week 1 & 2 of the Entire Event

1. The VIP, All-Access Pass: $297

Get your VIP, All-Access pass to the PBC2011. The VIP, all-access pass gives:

20 Hours of Tips, Tools and Strategies to help you get more clients and build a better business!
  Access to the entire line up of 20 speakers - including my personal business-building coach Andrea J Lee.

Watch live or at your leisure - for up to one full year!
  Audio and video replay recordings so you can refresh your learning anytime during the year.

Rather read than watch?
  Downloadable written transcripts for all 20 speakers.

Get written step-by-step instructions to build your marketing plan
  Enjoy A no-charge digital copy of our self-study course, How to Build Your Full and rewarding Private Practice. This is the soup-to-nuts steps to build your marketing plan with an overview of 17 different marketing activities.

Hold Your Feet to the Fire and Actually Implement What You Learn at PBC2011
  Track your goals, efforts and actions and get support from, me, Casey Truffo and your fellow private practitioners with our More Clients for Me online accountability system. All VIP, All-Access Pass holders get a no-charge 4-weeks subscription.

More Clients for Me! - The Pro Version - Your Therapy Business Makeover Nov 2-4, 2011 Casey Speaking on Stage

Let's make it easier. Let's take what you learn at PBC2011, reduce any confusion and figure out how you can implement this in your own practice. Join me for my 3-day, live and in-person event with your no-charge admission ticket! Join live from your home or office. Or be one of the first 30 to register for a PBC2011 VIP, All-Access pass and get an admission ticket to join us in-person in Huntington Beach, California in November.

With all of these goodies, the VIP, All-Access Pass is by far the best value for your money.

Here are two other budget-friendly alternatives:

2. The Premium Pass: $247 USD

Are you eager to boost your practice building skills this fall, but prefer fewer speakers? This includes 10 speakers plus video and audio replays and downloadable written transcripts of all 10 sessions.

Click here to see your Premium Pass faculty roster.

3. The Value Pass: $157 USD

On a strict budget? Jump in with our Value Pass and watch or listen to our first two days of amazing content.

Click here to see your Value Pass faculty roster.


"This Was the Best Course I Attended!"

Dear Casey and Team,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and valued the virtual conference you presented. Every single speaker offered excellent information that served to open doors to new ideas or clarify old ideas. The questions you asked the presenters were ones I also needed answered.

I hope you offer this conference again next year. Thanks so very much.

Terry Martin



"A Virtual Conference That Improves Your Exercise?"

Hi Casey,

I just listened to the first recording, the Kickoff Celebration, while I was doing my exercise walk.

I felt so stimulated by everyone's introductions that I must tell you I ended up power-walking! Thank you.

Margo Steinfeld, LCSW, MA, CGP



"My Husband Says Thank You - I Was Able To Do
Laundry While I Listened!

I am enjoying this conference. My husband says thank you as I have been here and able to throw in the laundry on breaks! HAHA!

Karen Page, MFT



Even the Speakers Loved The Conference!

"Thanks Casey, I love being a speaker in your conference! You combine such a variety of intelligent speakers with leading edge topics - it is a win-win for us all. I am always looking for ways to improve my practice, so the recordings are extremely valuable for me."

Carol Look, LCSW, DCH, EFT Master



Still wondering?

If you've read this far, you might be wondering if this is for you. It is a very different way of attending a conference. I have done everything I can to make this affordable and meaningful for you.

Regardless of where you are in your practice-building efforts - or where your budget is - there is something at this conference for you!

And if you are worried about the investment, just ask yourself these coaching questions about making the investment in yourself and your future:

1. If I improved my marketing efforts in a way that led to only one or two new clients, how much would that mean to me?

2. If I implemented some of the strategies designed to help me focus on what matters and reduce the busy-ness, what would that be worth to me?

3. If I was able to "hang out" at the conference with the very successful business owners (and "live chat" with my peers) how might my motivation, energy and time-management improve?

I hope the answers to those questions will lead you to invest in your business and join us. My hope is that you will see that attending the 2011 Practice Building Virtual Conference just makes sense - financially, emotionally and energetically.

That said, if you have any questions or concerns, fill out the form below and my team and I will be happy to assist you.

Have Questions or Are Still Undecided About Attending?

Click here to check out our frequently asked questions or enters yours below.

Supporting you to make a CLEAR and SOLID decision about whether this event is for you is a priority for me. So, if you have any questions or concerns, fill out the form below and my team and I will be happy to assist you.   

E-mail Address: *
First Name: *
Last Name *
Telephone: (optional)

* Required

I am holding the vision for you.

Love and blessings,
Casey Truffo

PS Want that registration link again? Click here to choose your option. 
If you'd rather call in your registration information, you can do so at 949.309.2590

PPS Got questions or clarifications before pressing the registration link? Please enter them into the question box above or call Bob at 949.309.2590 ext 0 and we'll be happy to help right away.

PPS Here is our 2011 Schedule

Here is our 2011 Practice Building Conference schedule again.

September 19
September 20
September 21
September 22
September 23
Presentations Presentations Presentations Presentations Presentations

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Carol Look

Eliminating Procrastination in Practice Building

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Casey Truffo

Speak Your Way to a Full Practice!

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Angela Jia Kim

Give. Give, Get Network Your Way to a Full Practice

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Juliet Austin

10 Reasons Why Your Website Copy Isn't Attracting Clients

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Joe Bavonese

Mastering Pay Per Click Advertising

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Charlie Gilkey

How To Find and Focus on What Really Matters in Your Business

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Jennifer Lee

The Right-Brain Business Plan - How to Turn Passion into Profit

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Elyse Hope Killoran

Practical Suggestions to Help Resolve Those Old Issues With Money

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Elizabeth Marshall

Spread Your Message: How to Serve More Clients and Make a Greater Impact

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Indrani Goradia

Act Now - How to Make a Difference Without Worrying About Profit

September 26
September 27
September 28
September 29
September 30
Presentations Presentations Presentations Presentations Presentations

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Michael Bungay Stanier

The Art of Doing More Great Work

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Amber Miller

How to Hire an Assistant

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Jeremie Miller

The Library is Booked, Now What? First Steps For Reaching Your Audience in the Virtual World

10am pacific
1pm eastern

Ofer Zur

Digital Ethics and Social Media: Ethical Complexities and Clinical Challenges, & Practice Opportunities

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Andrea J. Lee

Ready to Add Coaching to Your Menu of Services?

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Dr. Rachna Jain

I Have a Website - Now How Do I Get People to It?

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Clinton Power and Jeff Fisher

Mobile Marketing for Therapists (and Coaches)

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Julie Steelman

How To Get People To Say "Tell Me More"

3pm pacific
6pm eastern

Christine Korol and Doug McLachlan

More Cool Paperless Office Tools


Registration button

This conference is brought to you Casey Truffo of International Therapist Leadership Institute and co-sponsored by Commonwealth Educational Seminars.


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